Video Production

How we work
The Thinking

Working closely with you, we gather everything we need to understand your business, communication and brand goals. We then take the time to understand the purpose of your video, channels of distribution and how you hope to measure its success. At this stage it is really important for us to hear the ‘language’ you use, how you refer to your customers and how you pitch your business.

The Styling

Today, we have access to some of the most amazing global talent. Combine this with new technologies and we can creatively produce any style video you want. Animation, Motion Graphics, Real Footage, ScreenCasts, Kinetic Infographics, 2D, 3D, Rotoscoping or a combination of them all. Together we work to find a style of video that represents your brand as well as resonates with your targeted audience.

The Creative

Once we have gathered all the crucial information (aka ‘the brief’), we then start writing the script/storyboard. The storyboarding stage is always a ‘work in progress’ as we go back and forth constantly refining the words, until both parties are happy. When the script is 95% finished, we choose or audition for the Voice Over recording and choose a range of background music tracks for you to choose from. Once the script/storyboard, Voice Over and Music is approved, we then head into production.
* Steps 1,2 & 3 typically takes 5 working days.

The Production

At Videobuzz we have an amazing, highly creative team of after-effects specialists whom help take your amazing concept and bring it to life. Our animators/illustrators start drawing each scene in layers, and when complete, they then start working on making all the scenes move. The more complex the scenes, the longer it takes to bring the illustrations to life. The production process typically takes around 2 weeks, and once complete, first draft of your video is shared with you via Wipster a fantastic video collaboration software system. By clicking on the video, you can add comments and make recommendations for changes.

The Finale

It is so exciting when the video has been finalised, because it is now time to share it with the world. We deliver the finest quality video in a .MP4 or .MOV High Definition file, so that it is ready to play immediately. The video needs to be hosted somewhere and you have a choice of Youtube, Vimeo or business hosting sites like Wistia for instance. Chat with us about hosting if you are unsure.
So now you have your video, it is crucial that you leverage it at all times. Be prolific, share it everywhere, add it to your email signature, social media posts and more. Share the video as much as possible and don’t forget to get it up on your website, Google loves video when it comes to SEO.

What ever works best for you?

Our sole aim is to help you to produce a video that you are proud of. To achieve this, we work in a flexible manner…. ebbing and flowing to your timelines and requests. Video production in a creative journey and therefore doesn’t always go to plan, but our open and honest approach will ensure that we ride the waves together.