Video Marketing Trends in 2017 – What you need to know.

Here we are, 2017 and play buttons are embedded into ours and our customers daily routines. We’ve come to expect a play button front and centre on every website we visit. In fact, we are rapidly becoming conditioned to disengage if there isn’t a video.Here are just some of the important trends you need to be aware of in 2017 when it comes to video marketing and getting your audiences engaged.

  • Niche, niche again, and niche again – Videos should talk directly to segmented audiences. If it means producing five videos for five different audiences then do it! 2017 is all about stopping broadcasting to the masses and producing videos that talk directly to a niche audience.

One Audience = One Message = One video

  • ‘Keep up with the Jones’ – Companies that have embraced video and achieved increasing ROI, are now producing on average 18 videos per month. Just like TV networks, these companies are building their loyal audiences and keeping them engaged constantly (Vidyard).
  • Build video assets across the buyer’s journey – Your videos need to have the right message, delivered at the right time i.e. when your customers are ready to engage.
  • Launch your video on Wednesdays – Vidyard found recently that the most popular viewing time for video is Wednesday between 7am and 11am (Vidyard)
  • Stop jargon & corporate speak – In 2017 it’s time to really focus on removing corporate jargon and big words from your scripts. Your customers just want genuine, authentic messages that are informative and engaging.
  • Stop talking about WHAT you do – Too often I see videos talking about the ‘what’ as opposed to the WHY. Your audience already know what you do, that is how they found you. Explain your why so customers can gauge if this also matters to them.
  • Don’t overuse your logo – Place your logo inconspicuously throughout the video so the viewer doesn’t even register they have seen it. That way it will be less like an advertisement.

In recent article by google, Australian Marketers Guide to Unskippable Video Advertising, they presented “if you are going to show your logo in the first five seconds, make sure it’s tied to your product like the clever Tic Tac ad that appeared on the Australia Youtube ads leaderboard.

  • Good music is still critical – Don’t disregard the importance of music. Google found that the first 5 seconds of music can have either a positive or negative impact. Uplifting, happy or mysterious music was shown to boost view-through rates.

They also found that no music in the first five seconds gave the impression it wasn’t an advert and generating intrigue and the desire to watch more. Australian Marketers Guide to Unskippable Video Advertising,

  • Most popular video types – Explainers followed by product demos’, how-to videos and testimonials/case studies are the most common produced videos. (Vidyard)
  • Video length still matters – Vidyard report that videos less than 90 seconds in length sees an average retention at the end increase to 53% (Vidyard) .

“50% of consumers believe that 1 minute is the ideal length for an explainer video, 33% of users opted for between 1-2 minutes, and 12% said less than a minute” (Wyzowl Report – The state of video marketing in 2017).

  • Video in email still works – In 2017, you can continue to expect a 200-300% click through rate when a video is included in email marketing. (insivia)
  • Attention Spans Count – You’ve got just 10 seconds to grab your viewers attention otherwise, they will quickly drop off if they’re disinterested or dissatisfied with the content. The first 10 seconds is critical so invest the time and resources to get it right.

“Videos still need to elicit a particular emotion and drive a particular action. Good storytelling jumpstarts the emotions that lead to action” ( The modern marketers guide to getting the most out of video, Vidyard)

  • Continue, where possible, make people laugh – Harder said than done and not all videos should be funny, but if you’re looking to get your video shared beyond your regular networks, then use humour. Sharing a funny video builds social currency and gives everyone a dose of dopamine that puts a smile on their face.

Remember, when it comes to video, there are no rules. Consumers are fickle and what works for one segment, doesn’t work for another. Keep practicing with different video styles and techniques until you find the perfect video production formula.


Happy producing,


Jules Blundell


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