VideoBuzz Services

Services We Provide

  • Motion Graphics/Animation / Explainer Videos
  • At VideoBuzz, we love the power of motion graphic/animation films…. it has the unique ability to make complex messages simple and boring concepts far more interesting. We use the latest video production technologies, combined with our captivating scripts and eye-catching animations so that you’ll be amazed when your ideas come to life.

  • Video Production - Live Action
  • We produce high quality productions for organisations, both big and small, which aim to strengthen engagement with their internal and external stakeholders. At VideoBuzz, we don’t do dull! We start with the purpose and the message, and then capture captivating, powerful and visually stunning footage. Both high end and mobile filming packages are available.

  • 6o Second Customer Experience Video
  • Just want to capture the atmosphere of your business or an event but don’t want the cost of a high-end production? We’ll talk to us about our 60 second customer experience videos where we film your business/event on a mobile phone over 2 hours and then produce a really cool highlights video with some really great music to capture the mood and atmosphere of your school events.

  • Virtual Video Director
  • To remain competitive, it’s predicted that most companies will become major media producers. Companies of the future will come to rely upon the creative, business acumen of their newly appointed Director of Video Strategy. Not ready for that, but would welcome some external strategic guidance on your video marketing, then talk to us about our Virtual Video Director package and how this can help you take your video marketing to the next level.

  • Video Production Training
  • This training program is perfect for organisations looking to produce more video content, more often…..for less money and effort. This program condenses all the knowledge and skills required to produce high quality videos and packs it into one nicely balanced, theory and practical, session jam-packed with great content.

  • Video Marketing in Schools
  • VideoBuzz is led with the creative enthusiasm of Founder and Director Jules Blundell, B.Ed, MBA. Having worked in various roles in education over the past 15 years. Ready for action 7 days per week. Book us to film school promotions, events, carnivals, newsletter snippets, social videos, alumni, school tours, vlogs, student forums, interviews, presentations, lessons, staff training, case studies and interviews.

  • On Brand Video Production – Franchises
  • VideoBuzz will help franchises to create a central, unified approach to video marketing, regardless of territories or location. Helping you control production standards, we fly across Australia and New Zealand to produce high-quality videos that ensure your brand is consistent, goals are aligned and your videos have strong central message (we know your brand intimately).

  • Video Marketing Plans
  • Demand for video content remains on the increase yet many organisations continue to take an ad-hoc, reactive approach to video marketing. At VideoBuzz, we believe that all good video marketing starts with a robust plan that ties into the overall business objectives….then the marketing plan is developed once the video strategy has been finalised.