Smart Device Filming Must-Have Series – Part 1: Stability

I recently had to speak at an event and I thought I’d pull out my iPhone and grab some footage, which I could quickly post-produce, and share with the event organiser so they could use it to promote their next event.  A nice little gift I thought. But to be honest, I hadn’t really put too much thought into it and as a result of my poor planning I overlooked three key filming must-haves:  stability, lighting & audio. So I want to share my learning’s in this 3 part blog series.  Let’s talk about Stability first. So I walked around with my iPhone, pretending to know what I was doing, but quickly realised it was a waste of time because it’s humanly not possible to hold the camera still.  The footage I took just jumped around as you can see in this video.[/vc_column_text]


Because I didn’t have a stabiliser, every bit of footage was jumpy and useless.  This meant that my little plan to surprise my colleague with a cool, very basic promotional video for their next gig was no longer going to happen. Boo! But then I found out that DJI, have just released this very cool new product specifically for stabilising your smart phone when filming.  Watch the video and you’ll understand exactly how this is a very clever piece of kit is a must have for any small business owner seeking to produce more video content.


Pretty cool eh! Combine this with the new iPhone 6+ with its amazing new camera and the possibilities are endless I think. So I bet your wondering…when would I use this?  Here are a couple of ideas that spring to mind:

  • Interviewing customers about your products and services
  • Customer testimonials
  • Event Coverage
  • Content Marketing
  • Researching content

Or just for fun because you know it makes you look super cool! P.S. early adopters, this is your next gadget J

In my next article lets take a look at lighting, because this can be tricky when filming in an impromptu manner. Here’s your mobile filming equipment shopping list.


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