Mistake #3 – Filming with Poor Light

Just like poor audio, poor lighting can drive viewers away long before your video has had a chance to finish playing. Unfortunately, a lot of organisations fail to consider the quality of their lighting. Because they often film their videos in offices, outside, and in other areas with good enough lighting to see comfortably with the human eye, they don’t think that lighting might be a problem for the camera.

If you’ve never considered the effect that good lighting can have on a video, take a few seconds of video of yourself under three different types of lighting:

  • Regular lighting (e.g., fluorescent lights in an office).
  • Regular lighting with a lamp set off camera to one side of your face.
  • Regular lighting with a lamp set off camera to one side of your face and a light reflector off camera on the other side of your face.

When you look at each of these lighting scenarios, you’ll notice a dramatic difference. Regular lighting looks flat and boring, and it may actually be too dark to pick up some details, which can be a problem if you’re shooting a product video. A lamp off to one side gives that side of your face more definition and dimension because you now have two light sources, but it leaves the other side in shadow. Add a reflector, and you have the best shot yet, with better lighting and more dimension all around.

Placing lights and reflectors properly can take some time and experimentation, but it’s well worth it. The people in your videos will look more composed and attractive, and the products will really pop, so your audience can see what’s going on and appreciate the level of professionalism you’ve put into your video.

Happy Producing,

Jules Blundell







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