Mistake #2 – Ignoring the Importance of Quality Audio

Never underestimate the power of sound. A video with quality audio will be easier to watch and listen to, and it will come across as more professional than a video with poor audio. Though this may be obvious, you might be surprised at how many businesses and organisations completely neglect the importance of great sound in their videos.

As a result, you’ll see videos shot in offices, factories, and warehouses where you can hardly make out what people are saying because of background noise. Likewise, even if you can hear what the people in the video are saying, the sound quality might be so bad that the voice sound sharp or muffled, making it uncomfortable to continue to try to listen to the video.

If you’re creating a video for your organisation, whether it’s a vlog for your organisation’s YouTube channel, a marketing video, a how-to video, or an advertisement, you absolutely must keep audio in mind. Otherwise, your online audience won’t stick around to watch. Instead, they’ll grow tired of trying to understand what’s going on or listening to scratchy, sharp audio, and they’ll go searching for another video that will suit their purposes.

When recording a person speaking, make sure that you have a directional microphone that will pick up their voice but won’t pick up most background noise. And, when you’re doing voiceovers in post-production, make sure that you speak clearly and that you keep music levels lower than you think you need them to be. When there’s a break in the voiceover, you can increase the volume on the music to mix it in better, but make sure that it’s never too overpowering, or you’ll lose your audience.

Pay attention to the quality of your video’s sound, and you’ll get a much better finished product that will keep your audience engaged instead of making them want to click away.

Happy Producing,

Jules Blundell





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