Mistake #1 – Failure to Plan your video strategy

When it comes to video, one of the very biggest and most common mistakes that businesses and other organisations make is failing to plan. They’ll have a basic idea of what they want their video to be about and how they want to present their message, but that’s it. Then, as they start to try to record, they find themselves doing take after take, and by the time the video is ready for editing, it’s such a mess that it’s almost impossible to pull together anything coherent.

Whether you’re creating a video for a fundraiser, a behind the scenes tour of your organisation, an advertisement, or any other purpose, you need to have a good plan so that the whole process has direction. Before you start shooting, you need to know:

  • Your purpose – What do you want this video to do for your organisation? Is it intended to give your company a friendly face and promote your brand? Should it encourage more customers to buy a particular product? Know your purpose, and you’ll have the beginning direction you need to proceed
  • Your audience – Who do you want that message to reach? Knowing your audience is the most important part of any marketing or branding endeavour, and it’s paramount in producing a quality video that will really grab their attention.
  • Your message – With the purpose and audience of your video in mind, what do you want it to say? What message do you want to convey to your audience? Before you get into production, you should probably write a solid script that clearly conveys your intended message?

These are the three basic elements of planning your video, but planning really doesn’t end here. The more detailed you are in creating a road map for producing your video, the smoother the whole process will be.

Happy Producing,


Jules Blundell




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