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Today, anyone can create a video. Just point and shoot with a Smartphone. But if you’re wanting to create an amazing, tailored, bespoke video, then you’ve come to the right place. VideoBuzz work in partnership with you to create magic. We have a unique way of drawing out the essence of what you are trying to say and turning it into a visually stunning, highly influential message that your customers will understand and love you for!


Unlike our competitors, we come from a strong background in sales, marketing and business communications. We are messaging maestros with a keen eye for creative design that find the heart of what our clients are trying to say and turning that into a compelling story that resonates deeply. It can be daunting even just thinking about how your video will come together, to get across the message you need to. That’s our job. All we need from you is to know where you want to get to and the message you are trying to convey to solve your problem.

What we do

We are an Australian-based video marketing agency and we work with all manner of companies – from big names to start-ups. Whether your business is big or small, you can expect the same level of superior service at VideoBuzz – your business is always important to us. We’re much more than ‘just’ video marketing specialists and we are definitely NOT a sausage factory. Our strong background in sales, marketing and business communications means that we are ahead of our competitors in getting your message right the first time, with a bespoke created video.


We are not technicians. We are messaging maestros. We find the heart of what you are trying to say by turning it into a compelling story that resonates deeply with your customers. We help you shape the most effective pitch to your customers to ensure your video marketing strategy achieves that all-important ‘cut-through’ that delivers genuine return on investment. With less than a minute to grab attention, tell your customers what you do AND get them to engage with you, our experience is critical to your success. Most of our clients have a rough idea of what they want and we work together to hone in on that core message, produce your script…and then your video.

Making video affordable

Because we work with a lot of start-up and small businesses, we know that every dollar counts. Video is all we do and we’ve figured out ways to cut out those unnecessary costs that don’t add much to the end product. Our professional, friendly team of video marketing experts work from home (we love today’s technology!), so we don’t have swanky offices and big overheads. We pass those savings on to you – putting affordable video marketing in your hands to help your business bloom in today’s market.


We are always available to have a chat about your video, your budget and what we can deliver for you. We care about your business and your brand image. When you choose to work with VideoBuzz, your business benefits from our creativity and commitment. We do what we say we will – when we say we will – and we put in that extra special effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.

By taking the time to truly understand your business philosophy and your key marketing message, VideoBuzz delivers effective, engaging video marketing that generates genuine results.

Book: Capture More Customers with Video – The why, what and how, by Jules Blundell

Online video has become a real force to be reckoned with in terms of marketing and advertising. More and more companies – large and small – are creating and maintaining YouTube channels to increase brand recognition and to build credibility and trust with their customers.


An estimated 90% of consumers watch online videos, and according to a recent industry survey, consumers who watch a product video or video review are almost twice as likely to make a purchase than those who do not. To take full advantage of the benefits of video, though, you’ll need some guidance.


How can you create videos that rival the product videos and advertisements of larger companies that are more established than yours? What kind of video strategy are you going to implement? Who is your target audience, and are they already familiar with your brand?


You’ll be able to answer all of these questions and more with the help of Jules Blundell’s newest book, Capture More Customers With Video: The Why, What & How. Founder and director of VideoBuzz, Jules is a video marketing expert with 30 years of experience. She is passionate about creating success through video, one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of media available to small and medium sized businesses.


If you want to learn how to level the marketing playing field, let Jules show you how to form effective video strategies, write scripts for different types of videos, handle production and editing, and much more. With this book, you’ll have all of the tools you’ll need to embrace success through online video marketing.

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