Rio Tinto College

Instructional Video

This video helps Rio Tinto employees navigate the Rio Tinto College. This video was also converted to French.

We're Messaging Maestros & Highly Creative!

Today, anyone can create a video.  Just point and shoot with a Smartphone. But if you're wanting to create an amazing, tailored, bespoke video, then you've come to the right place. 

VideoBuzz work in partnership with you to create magic.  We have a unique way of drawing out the essence of what you are trying to say and turning it into a visually stunning, highly influential message that your customers will understand and love you for!   

Unlike our competitors, we come from a strong background in sales, marketing and business communications.  We are messaging maestros with a keen eye for creative design that find the heart of what our clients are trying to say and turning that into a compelling story that resonates deeply.

It can be daunting even just thinking about how your video will come together, to get across the message you need to.  That's our job.  All we need from you is to know where you want to get to and the message you are trying to convey to solve your problem.

Live Action Explainer videos

Live Action Explainer videos are short, and filmed with a production crew.

Animated Explainer videos

Animated Explainer videos are an increasingly popular approach for promoting your business and getting that message across.

Testimonial and Interview videos

Convert your customers in just 60 seconds using the most powerful marketing tool around.

Instructional and Educational videos

Your customers prefer video to written information.

Storytelling Videos

People thrive on stories, and as a business it's critical that you share your story with your customers.

Social Media videos

Want 1400% increase in your facebook post-engagement interactions? Who wouldn't right?  Just 17 seconds is all it takes.

Photo and Video montage

This type of video type is a great way to explainer your business but without the animation or live footage.

Infographic (Kinetic) videos

Kinetic typography, or put simply, moving text, a provocative video technique using motion and text to express your ideas. 

Check out some our recent video projects

What sort of video are you looking for?  Promotional. Educational, Sales, Product/Service Overviews, Social Media, Brand Awareness, Humorous, Explanatory, Instructional, Customer Engagement, Customer Retention, Interviews, Testimonials, Case Studies ....... we can create whatever sort of video you need to help you to grow your business.